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Sujin G Type by Hazardmachine Sujin G Type by Hazardmachine
For some clarification: I haven't abandoned any of the projects I've stated I've started on unless I've said so. At the moment I am focused on creating mobile suits that I plan to use in a Gundam based story I'm currently building upon, I haven't forgotten about my other projects and will eventually get to them.

Model Code:AUN-M279
Model Name: Sujin [G Type]
Unit Type: Mass Production General Use Mobile Suit
Development: Advanced United Nations: Grant Mobile Suit Technologies
Operators: AUN Military Forces, Alliance of Colonial Territories (ACT), and various private military companies
First Deployment: Stellar Century (SC): 187 [Still in Use]
Cockpit: Single Pilot Standard with Panoramic Monitor, located inside torso
Height: 19 Meters
Weight: Empty: 41.1 tons Max Gross: 52.6 tons
Armor Material: MS Grade C Titanium Composite
Powersource: Aeon Particle Battery, Optimum Operation Time: 74 minutes before recharge
Armaments: Fixed: None, Attachable: 120 mm Machine Gun, Standard Beam Subrifle, Beam Saber x2 (1 under each forearm)
Notes: The Sujin is the universal standard in MS combat and the mainstay of the AUN, ACT, and many PMCs. Noted for being the longest used MS in military history and one of the most versatile, the Sujin has been in service for over 60 years. The only changes the Sujin has received are cosmetic and minor performance upgrades over time. Without a major conflict to fuel MS development the AUN can afford to remain complacent with such an old design. Being equipped for general use, this model is only suited for close to mid-range combat.

This shall be the cannon fodder for the story. Currently I intend to start making an antagonist suit. I'm also aware it might be awkward to start throwing around terms in the profile too when I haven't set anything for this story up yet for anyone to see. The fact is I'm constantly changing things around and can't decide on anything final as of yet. However I can say the story takes place in your conventional Gundam universe, just not connected to anything official as the Stellar Century calendar indicates. These Aeon Particles also function similarly to GN Particles, however they are more or less just used as the main power source for almost every large machine in this universe.
Katsuyo-Sinuji Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2009
Very Nice Design
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December 10, 2009
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